The forlorn father consoles his orphaned child.

Here is a beautiful and poignant lullaby sung by Ghantasala. The song pictured on ANR is from the movie ‘Dharma Daata’, (The generous one.).
The honest and. kind, young man holding the infant to his bosom, has lost all his riches and his greater wealth that is his wife, too. She, however. left him with a child as her legacy.

Here is my translation of the lyric into English, followed by the original in Roman script. The nice lyric is by Dr. C.Narayana Reddy and the music was set in poignant Madhyamaavati ragam by T.Chalapathi rao.

Sleep, dear child, sleep. Sleep, my tiny mom, you are verily the mom who gave birth to me, Born again to poor me.
Sleep, my golden girl, you are indeed the bestower to me of all the riches in this world. Sleep, now.
Your face showers around, rays of radiant smile. I can’t bear to see it, drenched now in tears.
Your mother, the mother who delivered you chose to pass away, leaving you in the lurch, but can I bear to leave you and live for even an instant?
Sleep, now, my child.
Agreed. I can’t lodge you in mansions gilded with diamonds. I can’t swing you in cradles laced with pearls.
But I can sure care for you, as an eyelid would its precious eye.
I can provide you secure shelter in this poor man’s lap.
Sleep, now, my child.

Joa laalee, joa laalee
Laalee naa chitti tallee, laalee nanu-ganna tallee.
Laalee bangaaru tallee, Laalee naa kalpavallee.
Joa laalee, joa laalee
Chiru navvu kiranaalu chindinchu moamu, kanneeru munneeru gaa choodalaenu. – 2
Ninu ganna nee talli kanu moose gaanee- 2
Ninu veedi kshanamaina naen-unDa galan-aa -2
Joa laalee, joa laalee
Ratanaala bhavanaala ninn-unchalaenu, mutyaala uyyaalal-oogincha laenu-2
Kanu-paapalaa ninnu kaapaadu koanaa ? -2
Nirupaeda odiloana ninu daachukoanaa ? -2
Joa laalee, joa laalee

Check out this great song on YouTube:

There is another great song of another guy in the same plight again sung equally soulfully by the very same Ghantasala, for the movie , Bavaa Maradallu.’, “‘Mulkkoti Daevatalu Okkatainaaru’


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