The Prince and the pauper.

One of the many fascinating stories that I had learnt from Bobby in my childhood, was the story of The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain,,which he studied as part of his school-work. This interesting story was made into a Telugu movie in the nineteen fifties. In the movie the famous Telugu comedian Relangi played a delightful role, Sudheer, the sidekick of NTR, NTR played the role of the ruffian dad of the pauper boy. SVR donned the king’s role.
A few years later, to my delight I had had Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer prescribed for nondetailed study, and some more years later I came across an anthology of Twain’s writings in which I read of his hilarious escapades in Europe.

Here is a folksy song from the picture, penned inimitably by Kosaraju, as usual replete with Telugu culture and idiom, ( it is a li’l bit difgicult to translate it into English, as the ambience of the lyric is totally Telugu), but pictured on Relangi donning an alien costume – in fact all the important characters in the movie wear the period costumes of Europe The song rendered greatly by Ghantasala, used to be a fovourite of Bobby for many years around that time. At all our family gatherings he used to sing this song, exactly as the great singer Ghantasala sang, to the delight of all the people of all ages from the neighborhood.who used flocked around him, You will appreciate the song more, I am sure, with the following introduction,

He is a timid fellow by nature. He has suffered limitless defeats and ignominy. Luckily for him he gets a good luck charm, a small figurine, a small wodden statuette which fits into his pocket. He notes to his glee that he gets bold and valorous when he has the idol in his pocket. He is successful in all his endeavors. He wins all his bouts and duels. He hopes to win the hand of his beloved Malli also, with blessings from his idol..He is willing to propitiate the deity by all means at his disposal.
This lyric ostensibly a plea by a plain and virtuous, if timid, simpleton, to the benign idol , is in fact beleved to be a sly snide by the celebrated lyric-writer, Kosaraju about the sinful and cynical poliyicians of the time, But having seen politicians of yore and those of today, I for one, feel, in hindsight that, the politicians of those days look like saints compared to most of their ilk of today.

Here is my Translation of the lyric into English followed by the lyric in Roman script.

Oh, the charming idol residing within my pocket, the idol that brings in victory after great victory.
Please don’t let us commit heinous things, let not the accolades go to our head, let us not gloat that we are great and invincible.
Let all the supplications that I make to you be fruitful, and let this spree of victories of mine go on and on without end, and I will devoutly clothe you in a raiment of gold.
Oh, the charming idol residing within my pocket.

As the accompaniment of thundering beats of golden drums, and the loud blowing of conch shells create a frenzy in mr, I raise my hands in devotion and pray to you aloud., that all the sins that I had committed hitherto may disintegrate into smithereens,
Oh, the charming idol residing within my pocket,

By your grace, if the powers-that-be, change their disposition towards me, and make me a minister, I will take you in a procession in a cart gaily decorated with twin-festoons.
Oh, the charming idol residing within my pocket,

If you condescend to be my exclusive household deity, and bless. us all with your sublime miracles and kindly unite me with my beloved Malli, I promise, I will organize a spectacular song and dance event, singing ‘ Takita, takadhimi taka thai’ in devout honour to you.
Oh, the charming idol residing within my pocket,

Jaejaelu vinee, goppavaaramanee, chedda panulu maachae chaeyinchakumamma !
Jaebuloa bommaa, jaejaelaa bommaa, jaebulo bommaa.

Mokkina mokkulu challamgundaga -2
Yenakki tirakka gelustu vuntae,
Bhakti toada nee vigrahanikee
Bangaru todugaeinchedanamma
Jaebuloa bomma

Kanaka tappetalu ghana ghana moagaga, Sankha naadamulu sivamettinchaga -2
Chaesina tappulu chittai povaga , chaetuletti prardhinchidanammma.
Jaebuloa bomma

Maaraajulakoo manasulu maaree, manthri padavi naa. talapaikostae
Vaeduka teeraga poota koorpu toa, jodu prabhalu kattinchedanammaa
Jaebuloa bomma
Maa ilavaelpuga mahimalujoopee Malliki naaku manasu kalipithae
Takita takadhim taka thai antoo chekka bhajana chaeinchedanammaa
Jaebuloa bomma

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