A sis sings a sweet lullaby to her elder bro

The weary looking young man is intent on making it big, making a great name for himself , in the theater arena. His father, out of concern for the young man’s future has been striving and getting him job after new job to him, which the young man spurns or loses with his careless easygoing regularity.
He steals into his house one day, starving and thirsty, in the dead of night, quietly to avoid sermons from his disgusted parents. His young sister admits him silently, patiently feeds him the leftovers, and like the kind mother of an young recalcitrant kid, prepares his bed and lulls him to sleep.
This sweet lullaby is from the 1969 Telugu movie Natakala Rayudu. An aging Nagabhushanam, the great character actor and suave bad man of the Telugu movies, dons, for a change, the role of the. lead player in the movie. The lyric is by Athreya and the lullaby is sung sweetly by P.Suseela to the gently lilting tune of G.K.Venkatesh.
Here is my translation of the lyric into English, followed by the Telugu lyric in Roman script.

Slowly, dear, kind Mother Sleep, do quietly and slowly, tiptoe down, into these emerald eyes.
Just as the crescent moon sprays its soothing cold light all around,
Slowly, dear, kind Sleep, do quietly, slowly, tiptoe down.
This cute little maid , the mild breeze, it sings a sweet lullaby, a sweeeet lullllllabeee.
Let dreams, amorphous, diverse, filch the heart away to far off realms.
Let these dreams blossom. Into glittering solid havens of reality.
Slowly, dear, kind Mother Sleep, do quietly, slowly, tiptoe down.
Into the soft lap of, Sleep, its kind mother, the babe night has reposed, swung and lilted gently too and fro, too and fro, laalee, laalee,
A pair of restless eyes still look up towards the sky,
And beg it drowsily, to recount tales, one after another after yet another.
To tell all those sweet entrancing tales, and win the insistent eyes over and con them slyly into comforting slumber.
Slowly, dear, kind Sleep, do quietly, slowly, tiptoe down.

Neelaala kannulloa melamellagaa niduraa raavammaa raavae..
Nindara raavae.. Nelavankaa chaluvalloo vedajallagaa
Niduraa raavammaa raavae nemmadiga raavae.

O.. o.. o..
Chirugaali bala padindi jola. padindee jolaa
Yeda dochenammaa.. yevevo kalalu…yevevo kalalu…

Kalalanni kalalenno virabuyaga…
Nidura raavamma raave.. nindara raave… ||N||
Niduramma odiloa origindi raeyi.. voogindi.. lali…
Gaganaanni chusi.. oka kannudoayee
Vinipinchamandee . ennennoa kadhalu.. ennennoa kadhalu..

Kadha cheppee muripinchee maripinchaga…

Nidura raavamma raave.. nemmadiga raave… ||N||

Here is a YouTube clip of this nice song


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