The disconsolate young man sings an anguished lullaby.

The young man is numb and disconsolate. No, not that only a few grains of grit remained as yet in his hour-glass they too hastening down swiftly, inexorably. He is anxious at this young girl swamped in a plight as desolate as his, may be more, he doesn’t know, ,She longs pitifully to live. This wisp of a little girl , who boldly maintains a facade of tom-boyish bluster and a colourful charade of effervescence, behind her anger and anguish at having been short-changed cruelly by fate.
He tries to comfort her in the only way he knows. Swinging her charming head in the soft cradle of his loving lap and singing a haunting lullaby..
Here is the beautiful lyric, from the movie Geetanjali of Maniratnam , penned by Veturi set to a haunting melody based on Pilu by Ilayaraja, that would make your eyes moist.
Here is my attempt to translate it into English. The Telugu lyric in Roman script follows.

Let me sing you a lullaby.

Let me sing you a sweet lullaby. my poor little baby.
A lullaby. Unto you, unto your being, unto my love for you,
Oh my poor little baby. A sweet lullaby, to your very being. A sad lullaby to my dear love for you.
Let me beg this gentle breeze pitifully, to caress you gently. Like my lullaby.
Let me remonstrate with my noisy heart, ‘Do beat, dear friend, but be quiet.’
Let me ask my restless eye-lids, they fuss uneasily over a tiny pair of fluttering little fish,- not to let their moist stains soil this temple to my teeny-weeny young baby, a fairy whose dreams refuse to die down yet. Not to let the moist stains mar this, my sacred lap wherein her head wearily reposes.
Oh my poor little baby. A sweet lullaby, to your very being. A sad lullaby to my dear love for you
Oh, dark cloud, pray do not thunder thus fearfully, kindly float off , for this once, Go away, with the wind.
Oh., lark, pray sprinkle nectar all around, gently singing my story, sweetly, soothingly..
Sprinkle nectar all around, just when dusk insists on swinging together with dawn secure in the lilting lap of her tender heart .
Let me supplicate thus to the wan moon-light and to the cold sun-light as well,
imprisoned as I am in a hopeless hovel, proofed against the melody of a rippling brook.
Oh my poor little baby. A sweet lullaby, to your very being. A sad lullaby to my dear love for you.

Oh paapa, laalee Janmakae laalee. Premakae laalee.
Paadanaa, teeyagaa. Oh, paapa laalee.
Janmakae laalee, Praemakae laalee, Paadanaa. Oh, paapa laalee.

Charanam 1:
Naa joalalaa leelagaa taakaalanee gaalinae koaranaa jaaligaa
Nee savvadae sannagaa undaalanee koaranaa gundenae koarikaa.
Kalalaarani pasi paapa tala vaalchina
Tadi needalu padaneekae ee daevata gudiloa
Chiru chaepala kanupaapalakidi naa manavee.
Oa paapa laalee ,Janmakae laalee.
Premakae laalee. Paadana teeyaga. Oh, paapa laalee.

Charanam 2:
Oa maeghamaa uramakae ee pootakee gaaliloa taelipoa.
Oa koyilaa paadavae naa paatanee, teeyanee taenelae challipoa.
Iru sandelu kadalaadae yeda ooyala vodiloa.
Selayaerula ala paatae vinipinchani gadiloa
Chali endaku sirivennalakidi naa manavee.
Oa paapa laalee Janmakae laalee Premake laalee.
Paadana teeyaga. Oa Paapaa laalee.
Janmakae laalee.Premake laalee. Paadana . Oa, paapa laalee.

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