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From the river, to the ocean, to the pitcher, to the goblet.

The allure of the enduring saga of Beckett lies in the conflict among two erstwhile, bosom friends, turned deadly foes. In James Anthony Froude’s portrayal in his ‘Life and Times of Thomas Becket’ , Beckett comes out as a proud, … Continue reading

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I am a river in spate. You are the fringe of the deluge.

Here is a beautiful song, a cry of disenchantment, by the eminent Urdu poet, Shakeel Badayuni, sung exquisitely in poignant Kanada notes, by Pinaz Masaani..Mind you, in an Urdu Ghazal, every couplet stands by itself. There need not be a … Continue reading

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Great poets may not always be great farmers.

When derided by Srinadha, the prosperous (at that time) and eminent poet, about his vocation of farming and his abject poverty, the equally eminent but extremely humble poet Pothana replies, ” What if a poet, ploughs his dreary furrow , … Continue reading

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Tennyson and Elliot. And Rajni Singh.

Further to my previous post I find that Tennyson and Elliot had. Also written works on the story of Thomas Becket. Here is a link to a recent book by an Infian Author contrasting the treatment of the legend of … Continue reading

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A painful expiation to avenge a martyr. Life and Times of Thomas Beckett

One of a few classical movies that I had seen in the nineteen sixties was , ‘Beckett’, featuring Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole in the roles of Becket and Henry The Second respectively The movie was based on a play … Continue reading

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The Lord humbles His arrogant devotee,

The spectacular Siva Tandava Stotram is believed to have been composed by Ravanaa,the demon emperor of Lanka, a learned but arrogant devotee of Siva, The following video clip from the Telugu movie Seeta Rama Kalyaanam. depicts Ravana, attired as an … Continue reading

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In a man-eat-dog world, it is rarely that you find a true pundit.

It’a dog eat dog or rather man-beat-man-world out here all around us still. And when things turn desperate or when man ceases to be a man, , it could even turn out to be a man-eat-man-world, sometimes literally.( eg. Stories … Continue reading

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