Where arev you lurking, dear sir, the water lily is forlorn.

In Indian pantheon and tradition the moon is regarded as a male.god. He is considered to be some sort of Don Juan. He is the Lord of the stars, he is the lord of the water-lillies.
Practically every Telugu child is fed or quieted in the evenings and nights by its mother, singing a lullaby, starting with the refrain, ‘Chandamama ravoa , Jabilli ravoa.’ ( Come down Dear moon ). Of course the stanzas may differ a bit here, a word there, but the refrain remains constant even as centuries pass. In fact there is a great lullaby by Annamacharya extolling his lord, starting with this refrain. The allure of the cool planet is such.
There are umpteen stories about the childhood of Lord Krishna, but there are practically no such, about the childhood of Lord Rama, except one in which Rama ,the child, fascinated by the beautiful moon far off in the sky, asks his mother to get it to him.The mother tries to reason with him about her inability to fulfill his demand, but as the child continues to be insistent, she puts a mirror in his hand and shows the image of the moon in it. This satisfies the child.
Rama is considered so handsome, that he is commonly referred to as Sri Rama Chandra, Rama, cool and handsome as the moon, ( albeit without the dalliance of The Moon.)
The lullaby is normally sung in the cool tunes of Chakravakam (ahir bhairavi) or Malayamarutam, these two raagas are generally regarded as morning raagas.
Here is a nice video clip of yet another ‘Chandamaama raavo’ in Chakravaakam, but for this once ,it is not a lullaby, but a song by an young lady pining for her beloved, whom she calls endearingly, Chandamama .

‘Chandamama ravoa, jabilli ravoa’ by Sunitha – Video Dailymotion

Sunitha appears to be charming, enjoying herself, singing this melody, but do I perceive some trace of pain lurking behind the cheerful countenance? I am not sure.
Here is my attempt to translate the lyric into English.

Come hither down, dear moon, come down hither, my darling cool moon,
It is long past dusk, where are you lurking ?
This bud, this water lily, is alone, you haven’t joined me yet.
My grace, my beauty, is forlorn, There is no trace yet, of you.
The eyes that waited for you eagerly,, are weary and dry.
The heart that looked for you with bated breath, is parched
Come at once,, sprinkle over me the blessed strains of a full moon night,
Bestow on me a treasure trove, – of goosebumps

Here is the Telugu lyric in Roman script.

Chandamama raavoa, Jabilli raavoa
Sandevaela daatipoayae, yendu daaginaavoa?
Kanne kaluva ontaridaaye, neevu toadu raakaa.
Cheluvamantha ontaridaaye. needu jaada raakaa.
Kaachina kanulae kaayalu kaachae.
Vaechina yedaloa vaesavi toache.
Punnami swaramula pulakala varamulu chilakarinchi poavae.
Chandamama raavoa, Jabilli raavoa


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