Bhringi dances tandavam before a meditating Lord sivaa.

There is a captivating Ananda Tandava dance, no, not by Siva, but a devotee of His, from the 1958Telugu movie Bhookailas.
Here is a link to this blissful dance performed for the movie by Gopi Krishna, the celebrated dancer, ( You might have seen him in the V.Shantaram movie , Jhanak Jhanak Paayal baaje of the 1950s)

And here is an interesting and a pains-taking comparision of this dance performed by Gopi Krishna in the Telugu movie with that in the 1956 Kannada version of the movie I salute the authot for his great effort.
For all I know Gopi Krishna is donning the role of an important member of Siva’s retinue (Pramadha hordes), Bhringi. As the mythology goes, Bhringi was born with two legs, but then The Lord gives him another leg. Here he dances in his two legged form.
I doubt whether both the dances were perfomed at different times. I feel they were picturized once only, I feel there were just a few editorial changes which lead to an impression that they were different.I may be wrong.
And it was not a cow that we see in the clips .It is Nandi the mighty bull, the Vehicle of Lord Siva.
The handsome actor who donned the role of Siva in the Telugu version was Naga Bhushanam,

Minai’s Cinema Nritya Gharana: Gopi Krishna’s Tandav Dance: Bhookailas vs. Bhookailasa


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