When the earth swung blind in the moonless air.

2012 is dead.and gone, without the much-touted apocalypse, The Mayan calendar has commenced yet another tireless cycle, sparing the mankind and the earth from a bleak fate suffered by the denizens of a Jurassic globe aeons ago.
Do you remember the scene in the recent movie Lincoln, wherein, when the president is introduced the Jollys from Jefferson city, he recounts the story of a loquacious parrot and his Lawyer-master
,”I heard it tell once of a Jefferson city lawyer who had a parrot that wake him each morning crying out, ‘Today is the day the world shall end, as scripture has foretold. ‘ And one day the lawyer shot him fo the sake of peace and quiet, I presume, thus fulfilling, for the bird at least, its prophecy!”
When we were young when there was an ‘Ashta graha kootami’, (a coming together of eight planets), many people across the country were apprehensive that it spelt the doom for life on the earth.
There were similar apprehensions across Europe during the year 1816, widely referred to as ‘The year without the sun’
The consequencesent of the a dreadful sempiternal darkness, where the sun and the moon get extinguished, were vividly described by Lord Byron, in his great poem, Darkness,
Here is a link to the fine poem, he wrote while in virtual penury, shortly after his separation from his wife.


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