The Lord humbles His arrogant devotee,

The spectacular Siva Tandava Stotram is believed to have been composed by Ravanaa,the demon emperor of Lanka, a learned but arrogant devotee of Siva,
The following video clip from the Telugu movie Seeta Rama Kalyaanam. depicts Ravana, attired as an ascetic, meditating on The Lord and seeking Him to manifest before him, but to no avail,
Nandi, guarding the abode of The Lord, laughs in derison at him, The enraged Ravana decides to uproot Kaikas Parvath,the mountain-abode of The Lord and take it to his kingdom and install it there He brashly embarks on this super-human feat, singing his powerful song extolling The Dancing Lord (Shiva’s Tandavam). He lifts the mountain, on to his fabulous ten heads, But ,The Lord gets annoyed at having been disturbed while dancing blissfully with his consort, and humbles Ravana, by pressing the mountain under his feet with His toe.
The penitent Ravana, decides to end his life, tears out his entrails in anguish and strums Rudra Veena over them in atonement of his sinful pride.
NTR enacts the role of Ravana while Ghantasala sings in praise of the Dancing Siva, in play-back.
Here is the video on YouTube:

And here is a link to the great Sanskrit lyric, and its purport in English


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