I am a river in spate. You are the fringe of the deluge.

Here is a beautiful song, a cry of disenchantment, by the eminent Urdu poet, Shakeel Badayuni, sung exquisitely in poignant Kanada notes, by Pinaz Masaani..Mind you, in an Urdu Ghazal, every couplet stands by itself. There need not be a connecting, underlying unifying thread of thought or theme. I have made a conscious effort to find one in this song. Ms. Masani renders all but the fifth and sixth verses of the lyric in her song.

To start with, my attempt at translation into English, followed by the Urdu lyric in Roman script and then a link to the song.

Your agony makes it obvious. Yes, my life is unbearable.
Your concern for me, truly is dearer to me, than my own life.

I hope he doesn’t mind, — if I seek succor,
for the sake of my own peace of mind, in colors and scents,

These cool breezes, and the clouds that curtsy to me ,
Of what avail is one’s vision, if one cannot comprehend these cues.

I know now for sure. Here alone lies my destination,
As some one from the wayside, suddenly hails me,

I tell you, my mentor, the precise difference betwixt you and me.
I am a river in spate, raging. You are the fringe of the deluge.

I agonize much more, about the dissonances in perception,
than about the discussion per se.
He is bent on asking me the same thing, to which I can not reply, over and over again.

Come to think of it, Oh, Shakeel, if this is not sheer madness, what else could it really be,
i am a chattel of some one who alas,I can not reconcile to be mine own.

Maeri zindagee hai zaalim, tere gam se aashikaaraa
Taera gam hai dar-haqeequat, mujhe zindagee se pyaaraa.

Woh agar buraa na maane to jahaan-e-rang-o-boo mae
main sukoon-e-dil ki khaatir koi dhoodh loo sahaaraa

Ye khunaq khunaq havaayaen ye jhukee jhukee ghtaayaen
vo nazar bhi kyaa nazar hai jo samajh na le ishaaraa

Mujhe aa gayaa yakeen saa. Yahee hai maeree manzil
sar-e-raah jab kisee ne mujhe dafwatan pukaaraa

Main bataaoon farq naasih, jo hai mujh maen aur tujh maen
maeree zindagee talaatum, taeree zindagee kinaaraa.

Mujhe guftagoo se badhkar gam-e-izn-e-guftagoo hai
wohee baat poochhtae hain jo na kah sakoon dobaaraa

Koyi, aye Shakeel, poochae, ye junoon nahee to kyaa hai.
ke usee ke ho gaye ham, jo na ho sakaa hamaaraa.

.Here are two links to this nice song.


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