Bobby, my brother

During the past long decades in my life, I have seen and known many people depart, (I have taken these instances in my stride, mind you, I am mundane. i’m no Gautama). Many of them that I liked, some that I loved dearly , and a few that I held immensely close to my heart. And there have been just a few of them all, on the passing of whom, I was impelled to mumble, like Johnny Cash , ‘In my life I’ve loved them all.But of all these there is no one compares with you.I love you more In my life I love you more.”

Bobby, my brother is one such. He chose to live life on his own terms, regardless of how it impacted people, who held him dear. He inherited money, he earned some more, but he never respected it. It was there to let him live his life the way he liked. He was simple.He remained a child, a teen ager all his life.To the chagrin of those who looked up to him. He had talent, but not passion enough, to make him bloom.
We lost him a few weeks ago.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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