Life goes on, placidly.

I had a hectic day yesterday. Taught two classes on HV Power Transmission and Application of generalised theory of Elec. Machines.And then attended a long meeting of the staff with the Director.
And just as I sat before the TV with the day’s nooze-pepper ( A Mario Miranda Indianism for News Paper), after reaching home and freshening up, the Maid make her beaming presence before us with out warning touches my feet, embarassing me
‘ What a surprise. After a long, long time. Welcome. Sit down .’ We invite her. She got very good marks in her Tenth class, And joined in one of the polytechnics in the fringes of the city. I would have liked it more, had she joined intermediate and then gone in for, but she is more pragmatic. Things permitting, she would go for B.Tech after she finishes her Licentiate course.What branch, I ask. ECE, she says. ‘You should have joined in EEE, instead. But it’s okay. No matter. what is required is that you stand first, not just in your class, bur across the broad mass of your competitors outside, too’
‘I’ll try’, The Maid answers modestly.
The missus gets her a few sweets, from the fridge, reminders of our anniversary two days ago.
I taught the girl some rudiments about mass, weight, distance, acceleration, velocity, gravity, latitude, longitude, the poles etc. for about two hours.After she left, we had food watched the TV for over an hour. Tomorrow is a holiday, i soon fell soundly asleep, like a proverbial log.
‘ Sir, it’s getting late . Enough of your snoring like a Kumbhakarna. Unless you get up forthwith and prepare yourself post-haste you are sure to miss your bus.’ The missus tries to wake me up.
‘Don’t bluff. It’s Krishnastami today. A holiday for the college. ‘
‘No sir. Krishnastami was yesterday. You didn’t have a holiday for the festival.’ she says.
‘ The college had decided that it is on today that the festival falls. So leave me alone to snooze some more.’
‘No way.’, insists the lady, and I had to acquiesce and get out of my cosy bed, crooning a tune. ‘ga ree ga paa saa sa da saa saa saa ,,, da sa saa saa saa,, ri ga ri sa sa’
‘ Enough of your Mohanam. I know what you’re singing.You ought to be ashamed. At an age when you ought to be chanting , Rama and Krishna , you are singing of the dalliance of Krishna.’
‘Your words are self-contradictory.’, I reply.
All is well with the word.


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Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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