Does maturity come with age? I doubt.

The boy is standing a few feet away from the flat-topped ridge, which separates the approach road to our colony from the main road, I am standing on top of the ridge, looking at the oncoming traffic on the main road waiting for the arrival of my bus. The boy in his late teens has a tender and innocent-looking face . A backpack is riding on his back. and like me he is looking at the traffic, evidently waiting for the bus that would take him to his college..He is tall, lanky and smart, neatly dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans. Looks so very like Bobby, when he was that age.
A little distance, about ten yards away, from us, is parked, an Omni van facing us, its driver evidently somewhere nearby, having perhaps a hot cup of tea or buying a few apples or bananas at one of the pushcarts nearby. Soon he comes. a middle-aged man, hair grey at the temples. He opens the sliding door of his van, climbs into it, starts the engine,pushes the gear lever in and releases the clutch, honking the horn loudly, startling the boy, who runs back to the ridge and jumps on to it. The van driver smiles smugly, with satisfaction, but he doesn’t notice the big block of granite lying a few feet in front of his van. Don’t ask who the callous fellow was, who left the boulder there, for such boulders lie along the roads everywhere in the city, to average out perhaps, the deep potholes and manholes devoid of covers that abound too, everywhere.
The car hits the boulder and stops.
The boy goes down to the boulder, lifts it and places it out of the way, near the ridge.
Meanwhile the driver gets out of the van, goes to the boy, extends his hand and says, ” Sorry and thanks.”
“Don’t mention. Please.” , says the boy, holding the proffered hand firmly.
Maturity needs not necessarily come with age.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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