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Some months ago I wrote a little bit about the Annamacharya lyric, ‘ Itti Muddulaadi’ Here is another such charming lyric ‘ Chinni Sisuvu’, of Annamacharya portraying again the infant Krishna vividly before your mind’s eye. It is set to … Continue reading

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The scout brings good tidings to his anxious master.

Here is a fascinating Annamacharya lyric, in the form of a poignant dialogue between Hanuman and his forlorn Lord Sri Rama. The lyric is set to music in Raga Aabhogi in Adi Talam (Eight beat cycle), Hanuman has returned after … Continue reading

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R.C.DUTT’s translation of Ramayana.

Here is an URL that leads to a translation of Ramayana into English by an eminent civil servant of the British era, R.C.DUTT. And here is a link toa short wiki-pedia biography about him.

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The exiled Lord blinds a pesky crow which pestered his spouse

In one of my recent posts I have written a bit about the raagaa Vakulabharanam. One of a few important works in the raaga is Tyagaraja’s composition, ” Yae Ramuni nammitinoa ?” in Misrachapu talam (seven beat cycle). This song … Continue reading

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Crows and ravens

When we were very young, we used to find a lot of crows in our neighborhood. They used to be pesky pests, filching ghee-utensils, pecking at soap-cakes, and making raucous noises, There were quite a few occasions when we children … Continue reading

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Pig-tails are not for MCPs

I am sitting at the dining table with my books and papers scattered around on it, trying to set the question papers for the first mid-sem exams of the new batch. The old batch already have finished their final exams … Continue reading

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A peep into the time machine.

A few days ago. We are at the Chandana’s buying a few clothes for the Dasara. We make a few long stopovers at a number of tables displaying a bewildering array of sarees woven at various famous locations in the … Continue reading

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