Ghana Syama Sundaraa, Sridhara,

Long decades ago,I think when I was a teenager or younger, I happened to listen to a song in Telugu on AIR, which went some what like this, ‘ Ghana Syama Sundaraa! Sridhara, arunodayamaaye, maelukonumu vanamaalee, …..’. This song which was a part of a drama in Telugu broadcast by AIR, was so delicate and mellifluous that the refrain got etched deeply in my mind, A few years later, when Ammanni, my sister, who lived in Ahmednagar with her hubby, at that time there, came home for a short stay, heard me crooning the refrain, she was surprised and asked me as to how I knew the song. When I told her about it, she explained to me that it was in fact a Marathi song which was very dear to her. It used to be broadcast in the morning at her place every day by the Municipal radio, there at Ahmednagar.
Here is the original lyric in Marathi, with lot of other useful details of this song. This song can be heard at most of the Sai Baba temples that abound all over the country

And here is a rendering of the song on YouTube.


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