The Melody That Is Pleasant To The Lord.

Siva Ranjani is a pathos-laden raaga. It delineates a sense of despair over the shape of things and of a hope-ful surrender to a bigger, greater, benign, loving or beloved entity. The raaga’s name naturally connotes that this raaga is dear to the Lord of the Universe, the One that blesses one and all, the Ultimate Simpleton, The Bhola Sankar.
Now and then I play the Lingastakam extolling the Lord, fondly on my violin, in Siva Ranjani. Siva Ranjani is a derivative of the 22nd basic raaga (Melakarta ), Kharaharapriya.

Here is a beautiful lyric by Annamayya, depicting vividly the hopeless straits of the mortals He laments over the mankind which is going astray and voices his conclusion that his chosen Lord , Sri Balaji indeed is the ultimate recourse to travails-ridden mankind.

Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murty garu, has set the lyric to an emotion-packed notation in Siva Ranjani in the Khanda Chapu Taalam (five beat cycle). I have not heard it rendered by him or by someone else, but I fortunately have the notation . So I sing it to myself occasionally whenever I happen to be in a blue mood.
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English, followed by the original in Roman script.

Which ever way we look at things, they are in a pell-mell around you, sir. The situation is hopeless.
There, alas, is no succour when you turn away, from the Omniscient One.

1. Where sir, are the blissful rendezvouses (with the Great Lord)
for us mere mortals ?
Alas, we are butts of self-inflicted miseries avalanching onto us
Where is that unifying nobility, the benignity in you, that makes you one with Him , sir?
You who are intent on holding on to fistfuls of sins and atrocities.
2. Who, among all this multitude here, my friend, has that fulfilling affection (towards The Lord),
These who rue and fume over and are consumed by their unrequited love?
Where is the inherent gaiety, the innate celebration, that inner bliss, for us miserable men, except which He grants us to the extent that we please Him. To the extent we win Him over?
3.How can you find that cosy abode, that is, The Lord’s Grace towards you,
You, who are obsessed with mundane duties that haunt you even after you are dead and gone?
Can you hope to rid your Soul of these mighty alien bonds, these anacondas that bind you, that constrict you?
Unless the grace and kindness of Lord Sri Vaenkaaeswara stands firmly by you.

Which ever way we look at things, they are in a pell-mell around you, sir. The situation is hopeless.
There, alas, is no succour when you turn away, from the Omniscient One.

Yeadi choochina tamaku, inniyunu ituvalenu .
Vaedu vidachina goodu (or koodu) vedakinanu laedu.
(nb: goodu means abode, nest. koodu means food, sustenance)
1 Yaekaanta soukyambul-ekkadivi praanulaku,
pai konna duhkhamula paalupade-gaaka?
Yaekamagu punyambul-aeda-galav-indariki,
kaikonna duritamulu kalapaati-gaakaa?

2. Hitavaina mamakaaram-endu-galad-indariki,
prati laeni viraha taapamu koladi-gaaka ?
Mati loani vaedukalu mari yaevi manujulaku,
jitamaina Daivam-icchina-paati-gaaka?

3. Yiravaina Daiva-krupa yaela dorakunu-damaku,
paramaina karmambu paripaati-gaaka?
Yeravaina penu bandham-aela veededun-aatman-
diru-Vaenkataesu krupa thiramaina-gaakaa?


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