A Garland of flowers, Vakulabharanam

Vakulabharanam (Vaati Vasantha Bhairavi in the Dikshitar-Vaenkata Makhi tradition) is the 14 Melakarta Raagam ( basic melody which embodies all the seven notes within it.) We can consider this raagam essentially as Maya Malava Gowla, but with a flat (kaisiki) Nishadam.
The Dikshitar song ‘Prasanna Venkateswaram Bhajare’ is one of a few kritis in this raagam, You can find a rendering of this nice lyric at the following URL. It doesn’t however contain the Chitta Swaram given by Sri Subba Rama Dikshitulu in the first volume of his great work, Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarsini.
Dikshitar embeds the name of the raaga in his tradition, into the lyric as a mnemonic for the.learners,Part of the raaga’s name also evokes the season of flowersVasantsm also.
the great scholar that he was Dikshitar, I am sure had another reason to choose this song for extolling the ‘ God in a Good Mood ‘, PrasannaVenkateswaram ‘.
Knowing that the raaga has another name Vakulabharanam, Dikshitar no doubt felt, that this was an apt choice for the song, given the Lord’s penchant for garlands, jewels, and His love towards His foster-mother Vakulamalika.

This song reminds me somewhat of another song of Dikshitar, ‘ Ramachandram Bhavayami for obvious reasons.
Another great song in this raaga is Thyagaraja’s ‘ Ye Raamuni nammitino’
There is a nice Annamacharya song, ‘ Inni Chaduvanaela, inta vedakanaela ? ‘ ( Why study this extensively, why this vain search all around ( to glean the simple truth)?), set in Vakulabharanam by Sri Nedunuri.,
I will try to write about these lyric in one of my posts soon.


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