A peep into the time machine.

A few days ago. We are at the Chandana’s buying a few clothes for the Dasara.
We make a few long stopovers at a number of tables displaying a bewildering array of sarees woven at various famous locations in the country and bearing the names of the locations,are displayed. At long last,the missus is able to make up her mind and chooses a saree that the salesman has convinced her would be apt and dignified and would look grand too on her, out of the bewildering heap of beautiful sarees spread out before her.
The few hours that we have spent there are after-all worthwhile, for, the saree indeed is glorious.
We are at the shirts table to buy a shirt for me, when the missus tugs at my sleeve gently and says, “Look at her.”
i look in the direction in which she is looking and am perplexed to find a fat middle-aged man there.
” No, not this way. Look behind me.”, she whispers. “Doesn’t she look like your mother.”,
I look at a slim lady in her mid-forties, standing at a table across the hall, examining some T – shirts.
True. She looks uncannily like my mother. And a bit like her younger sister too.
My aunt Bharati piinni, used to be a bit sprightlier and effervescent than my staid mom, but they looked very much alike. Both alas, have gone long ago.
We make some more purchases. “You go and pay out. I’ll window-shop some tinsel and come back.”, the missus saunters to the jewellery section.
I go to the check out counter.
‘Mamma’ is there proffering her credit card.
When she is free I accost her some what hesitantly, ‘Excuse me. You look very much like my mother.’
The lady looks at me with surprise and asks, ” How old is she ?”
“….as she was when she was your age, beautiful.”, I add, “She is no more.”
“I’m sorry.. By the way what is your last name.”
I tell her.
“I have close relatives from my mother’s side, bearing that surname.” and moves towards the doorway, continuing , “And you look so very much like my son, Perhaps you were like him when you were that young. I can hope that my son would still be handsome and fit when he attains your age.Thank you” she smiles and points towards an young lad, standing outside the shop and proceeds on her way out.
I look at myself-minus-half-a-century standing outside on the pavement looking bored at the traffic.


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