The scout brings good tidings to his anxious master.

Here is a fascinating Annamacharya lyric, in the form of a poignant dialogue
between Hanuman and his forlorn Lord Sri Rama. The lyric is set to music in Raga Aabhogi in Adi Talam (Eight beat cycle),

Hanuman has returned after successfully tracing the location where His Lord’s spouse, Sita is incarcerated by the demon Ravana. Not just that, Hanuman has destroyed the rascal Ravana’s great city Lanka, before returning from there to his Lord.
He has presented himself before his lord to report the glad tidings and Rama too is anxious to know about his spouse. Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.

Rama – What has she said to you then? And what did she ask you to tell me?

Hanuman- That she is in a severe penance otherwise called pangs of separation from her husband.

Rama- Oh the descendant of the God of Wind ! What did she say? What did the lady say to you? The daughter of Mother Earth, what did she ask you to say to me?

Hanuman- Oh, The ruler of the Sun dynasty ! She says life is unbearable for her, Unbearable as she is away from you.

Rama- What else did she say? What more did the lady say?
Don’t tarry. what more did she ask you to add ?

Hanuman- This, my body, it is just a heap of bones, it’s unreal. It, alas, doesn’t leave me.
The hankering after the wretched deer has resulted in all this misfortune. This is what she said.

Rama- Didn’t she say anything in respect of me ?

Hanuman- She said that though your bodies both were two, the life was but one.
Just as you were pining for her, she has been pining for you.
She adds ,”Oh, the scion of the Manu lineage, I look forward to join you in a passionate
reunion on the Tirumala hill, in times to come.”

Here is the Lyric in Roman script.

R – Apud-aemanen aem-anum-anenu ?
H- Tapamae viraha taapamane.
R- Pavanaja ! yaemane, padathi mar-aemane ?
Avanija ninun-aemanumanenu ?
H- Ravi-kulendra ! Bharamu pranambane.
Eevalan-etlu dhari-inchaen-ane.
R- Inkaa aemane, Inti mar-aemane ?
Konkaka, aemanikosarum-ane ?
H – Bonkula daehamu, poadidi vaegane.
Chinka vaeta itu chaesenane.
R- Nanun-aemane?
H- Praanamu msnak-okatane.
Tanaku nee valene Taapam-ane,
Manu kulaesa ! Praemapu mana kootami
Ghana Vaenkatagirin-gantin-ane


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