Some months ago I wrote a little bit about the Annamacharya lyric, ‘ Itti Muddulaadi’
Here is another such charming lyric ‘ Chinni Sisuvu’, of Annamacharya portraying again the infant Krishna vividly before your mind’s eye. It is set to music by Sri Garimella, in Vakulabharanam, (the garland of Vakula flowers), in Adi talam and tisra gati. (eight beat cycle with three notes per beat ) .
We know Lord Krishna as Damodar, the one who wears a garland on his torso..The garland could be of several fragrant flowers or it could be made up of tender basil, (Brinda or Tulasi ) leaves, so loved by him. but he is still an infant here in this lyric.

Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English, followed by the lyric in original in Roman script.


We can never find another such,
The tiny infant, this tiny infant.
With his tresses combed and parted, his head moving this way and that,
and the several plaits looking like tamarind fruits,
golden anklets having tiny bells, jingling around his ankles,
he crawls relentlessly behind Yasoda his mamma,

Tinkling rings around his dainty fingers,
golden bracelets clinking around his smooth hands,
his cheeks shining like mirrors, he cries out, “Water, water”.
and when (distractedly) Yasoda chides him, he clings hard to her.

Streaks of milk along his chubby tummy,
traces of warm freshly churned butter in his mouth,
he comes now here thus, magnificently to reside, gloriously on the Sri Vaenkata hill, bringing with him here, whatever worlds are there in this universe,
The tiny infant, this tiny infant.
we can never find another such.


Chinni sisuvoo, chinni sisuvoo,
Ennadoo, choodamamma, ituvanti sisuvoo.

Toyampu kurula thoada, toogaeti sirasoo, chinta
kaayala vanti jadala gamula thoada,
mroyuchunna kanakapu muvvala paadaala thoada
paayaka Yasoda venta paaraadu sisuvoo.

Muddula vaella thoada, moravanka yungaraala
niddapu chaetula paidi boddula thoada,
addapu chekkula thoada, appal-appal-anin-anta
gaddinchu Yasoda maenu kougilinchu sisuvoo

Balam-aina potta meeda paala chaarala thoada
nuli vaedi venna thinna nori thoada
chelagi naedide vacchi Sri Vaenkataadri pai
nilichi loakamulella nilipina sisuvoo.



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