Like a flute of reed. Like the strains of a violin.

Here is a beautiful lyric by Veturi, from the Telugu movie, Matrudevo Bhava, set to haunting music by M.M. Keeravani and sung soulfully by Chitra.

First, here is my attempt to translate the lyrical Telugu into my explicit English.

Like a flute of reed. I’ve descended on to this planet.
Just to go up the heavens like a wisp of wind
All my loves, all my affections. They’re, no use, like melodies silent unsung.
And my desires, my cravings, they are like the strains of a violin, They float off, away with the wind
Your mamma, your dad and your mentor, mind you they’re Gods, right here on this earth.
And then,there is that Great Rock perched high on those seven hills. It’s the same. It’s unique. To me, to you, to every one.
And here you have this kinship that is sweet, it lasts you, hopefully , for seven lives to come.
Don’t let the mote of dirt in your eye, blind you to the beam of light, the effulgence within you.
If you think you are what you think you are, you ‘re deluded. You are in the dark.
I remain here, still. A stone,Looking out for the liberating, redeeming touch. Of the kind feet of the Good Lord . To wash away my sins.
Like a flute of reed, I’ve descended on to this planet.
Just to go up the heavens like a wisp of wind.
Tears stream out of my eyes. my breath is laboured, heavy.
My heart aches and burns
My vacuous bonds too mingle with the fire that consumes my heart.
My life-breath, this dirt-breath, returns home.
Haree, Haree, Oh Haree.
I had looked after you this long, as a lid would, its eye,
Return, sure, to your home, I will, as your infant.
Like a flute of reed, I’ll descend on to this planet.
Though, here, I go up the heavens like a wisp of wind.

And now for the Telugu lyric in Romn script

Vaenuv-ai vacchaanu bhuvanaani ki
Gaali-n-ai potaanu gaganaani-ki
Vaenuv-ai vacchaanu bhuvanaani-ki
Gaalin-ai potaanu gaganaani-ki
Mamatal-anni mouna gaanam, vaanchal-anni vaayu leenam
Vaenuv-ai vacchaanu bhuvanaan-iki
Gaalin-ai potaanu gaganaani-ki.

Maatru Daevo bhava..Pithru Daevo bhava.. Aachaarya Daevo bhava
Aedu kondalak-ainaa banda taan-okkate
Aedu janmala teepi ee bandhame
Aedu kondalapainaa banda taanokkate
Aedu janmala teepi ee bandhame
Nee kantilo nalakan-aa velugunae kanaka
nenu nen-anukunte, adi cheekate .
Haree, Haree, Haree.

Raayinai unnaanu ee naatiki Raama paadamu raaka yae naatikee.
Vaenuvai vacchaanu bhuvanaan-iki
Gaalinai potaanu gaganaan-iki
Vaenuv-ai vacchaanu bhuvanaani-ki
Gaalinai potaanu gaganaaniki.

Neeru-kanneeraaye, oopirae baruvaaye,
nippu nippuga maare naa gundelu.
Aa nipputo kalasi, naa soonya bandhaalu,
puttillu chaere matti praanaalu.
Haree, Haree, haree.
Reppanai unnaanu, nee kantikee,
Paapanai vastaanu nee intiki.
Vaenuv-ai vastaanu bhuvanaani-ki
Gaalinai poyaanu gaganaaniki.

Check out this beutiful song on YouTube:


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