The Gods have conspired to bereave the infant. It’s for Them to look after him.

In the last post I have written a bit about a poignant song seeped with the anguish of a hapless young widow, a happy-go-lucky music teacher living happily ( well, in her own simple way),with a doting husband and their young children. Her husband now killed and herself stricken with a brain tumour,she is anxious about the future, of her young kids.

I sit down to write about another great song ,’ Raalipoye puvva neeku raagalenduke’. from the same movie.The missus is singing,’Marakatavallim manasaa ‘, in Kambhoji by Dikshitar. Her bold straight voice has suffered a disconcerting lilt after the recent set back to her health
Lo, the refrain in Hari Kambhoji (to be precise it is Kedara Gowla, its derivative) from another great movie song equally poignant , ‘ Mukkoti devatalu okkatainaru,’ from the late 1950’s hit movie, ‘Bava Maradallu’ comes to my mind. This great song by the illustrious Telugu Scholar, Arudra, dripping with the sorrow of a young widower, whose dying wife leaves him with an infant son. He wanders about various places of pilgrimage in the state, seeking the blessings of all the Gods-that-be, for the bereaved infant.
I make a google search about this great song by Ghantasala, and I come across these nice blog posta, from a kindred soul..Here is the URL I’m sure you will like them.


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