Todi, the magnificent raaga.

While doing a search for some low-down on the legendary Todi vidwan, Todi Sitaramayya, I came across the following resource.

Tyagaraja too, reportedly sang this ancient, magnificent perfect raaga which he evidently liked very much, for eight days continuously, while at the residence of one of his disciples in the Bandar road at George Town in Chennai.
I, too like this raagam, especially the charanam in the Todi varnam, ‘ Why this fool-hardy chivalry, dear sir, just to fulfill her whim.’. Reminds one of NTR as Thota Ramudu, the country lad,crawling up the ramparts of the king’s palace in Ujjani for his dangerous rendezvous with the princess

And wjile on Pataala Bhairavi you may remember Relangi, wistfully sing of his desire to hold the hands of his cousin, the princess, and go on singing the Todi raagam, (‘Chettapattalaesukuni Todi Raagam paadukuntu.’) He may be a clown, he is entitled to his aspiration One can’t help appreciating his taste in this respect.

And have you heard the catchy rendering by S.Janaki, of the Tyagaraja lyric, ‘Enduku Daya Raaduraa?’


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