A scout’s succint report.

The scout has returned in style. The graceful simian has accomplished his critical mission. He has traced his lord’s spouse to the inaccessible island where she is incarcerated by the devious demon. And he has prevented her from laying down her life, by reassuring that her invincible lord would arrive with his limitless army and take her back with him, soon.
Not only has he accomplished his brief but exceeded it gloriously. He has bearded the beast in his own den, warned him of his impending doom and then killed his hordes and his dear sons and to add insult to the grievous injury, burnt his gorgeous city to cinders.

He now stands humbly, before his dear lord, hands folded, head bent but his eyes beholding, nay, drinking-in, his beautiful visage and begins his brief report.

Here is the report as Annamachaya recounts for our benefit, in his charming lyric at the culmination of which he asserts that Ramaa is indeed none other than his loved deity Sri Vaenkataesa.
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English

” Behold this, my great lord, this jewel, that I have brought braving odds.This gem-studded jewel that the lady has sent to you.
Rama, your dame ( raama) sang your name again and yet again, ‘Rama. Oh, Rsma.’, , while I looked on within that enclosure (araamam) .I knew just then, that she was indeed Sita, and gave her the ring,your emblem.
Oh, scion of the dynasty of the Sun. Sun, the kin of the dainty lotuses !
Your lady, the lotus-eyed one, thought of your dainty-as-lotuse-feet, and castigated the moon ( for vexing her ).
i searched for her here and there and having ascertained that the comely lady was none other than your adored wife, I succinctly informed her of your welfare.

Oh , the dear son of Dasaradha. (the emperor who sported ten chariots), now you go and rescue your dear wife, from her misery at the hands of that Ten-headed Monster, even as all people across the ten sides of the universe extoll you.
Oh, discerning dandy, Sri Venkatesa, You, who indeed are the very same valourous warrior, Rama, You had reclaimed your spouse with her lustrous-like-moon-face, and all is well since it has ended thus well. ”

Here is the original Telugu lyric in Roman script

” Yidae sirasu maanikyam-icchi pampe neekun-aape
adan-erigi tecchitin-avadharinchav-ayya.

Raamaa ! Ninu-baasi nee raama nae choodagan-aaraamamuna
ninu paadae, ‘Raama, Raama’ yanuchu.
Aa melutha Seeta yeni yapudu nae telisi
nee mudra vungaramu naen-icchitini,

Kamalaapta kuludaa! nee Kamalaakshi nee paada kamalamulu talaposi
Nemaki yaa laemanu nee daevi-yeni telisi,
amaranga naee saemam-atu vinnavinchitini.

Dasaradha-atmaja! Neevu Dasa Siruni champi, yaa
dasan-unna chelin-kaavu, dase-diselu pogada.
Rasikuda ! Sri Vaenkata Raghu Veerudaa! Neevu,
Sasi Mukhin Chae-kontivi. Chakkan-aaye panuloo.


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