A Meta-physical Way Forward For the Discerning

Here is a meta-physical road-map from Annamayya for the discerning. It is set to music by Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy in Vakulabharanam ragam in Jhampe taalam ( Ten beat cycle).

First my attempt at translation into English.

Why study this extensively? Why seek this elaborately?
It is just that you open your eyes ? The other thing is that you close them.

One thing is that you desire, you crave. And the other is that you say, ‘ Enough of this. I don’t need any thing ? Both these are hazardous things . that your mind is a butt to. If you say yes, you are tied down. And if you say, no, you are relieved of all that you have. It is only the discerned that know the way forward.

Then again there are these two things. One that you’re born. And that you’ll have to depart.
Surely, it is your body that undergoes, these two.
It is uncertain that you get born. But it is certain that you go.
The only way for the ripe and knowledgeable is to plan for the getaway.

The other-world is one thing. This world is another.
Both these are valuable. And your soul is prone to both.
And both these depend on The Lord Vaenkateswara, Who has put them both in place.
He bends down to all those who seek shelter with Him.

.Here is the Telugu original in Roman script.

Pallavi (Refrain:)
Inni chaduvan-aela ? Inta vedukan-aela ?
Kannu teruchut-okati . Kanu mooyut-okaii.

1. Valan-anaed-oka maata . Valad-anaed-oka maata.
Silugul-ee-renti-ki-ni chittam-ae guri-yaunu.
Valan-ante bandhamu.Valad-ante mokshamu
Telisi vigjnaanulaku teruv-idi-yokatae,
2. Puttedid-okatae. Poedid-okatae.
Thittam-ai rentikini daeham-ae guri-aunu.
Puttuta samsayamu. Povuta nischayamu.
Vottina vigjnanulaku vupam-idi-yokat-ae
3. Param-anaed-okat-ae. Prapancham-okatae.
Sirulan-ee rentiki-ni jeevud-ae guri-yaunu.
Iravu Vaenkat-aesud-iha-paramula karta.
Saranaagatulak-ella natam-eethad-okadae.


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