Every crooner has his day.

He is a singer, a sweet one at thst, with a charming classical touch, with dreams of, one hazy halcyon day, dethroning the entrenched super singers of the Bollywood like, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mehmood, Mohd. Rafi and Manna Dey, the whole lot. Every dog has it’s day after all, as a friend of him assures him.
But his neighbors do not think so. They detest him for disturbing their sleep and spoiling their children’s studies.
And then his. friend intervenes with the landlady’s daughter on his behalf and assures him that she has consented to allow him to stay, she has silenced the trouble makers. Not just that. She, a lover of the muse, desires that he sing to his heart’s content, in his dulcet voice. He is hesitant but then makes bold and begins to sing, in praise of his benefactor.
This nice song of the 1950’s was a great favorite of my late brother Bobby in his teen years. Believe me, he used to sing it as soulfully and sweetly as the great Manna Dey did for the movie ‘Dekh Kabira Roya’.The movie features Anup Kumar, as the singer, in the straits.
The lyric by Rajinder Krishan was set to tune by Madan Mohan.

Here is my attempt at translation of the memorable lyric into English.

Who is this , her anklets jingling, that steps into my mind?
Who is this?
With an enchanting face, that eyes aren’t enough to behold . Only the mind can perceive its allure.
I try to imagine this divine figurine. Alas, no, it slips off from my mind.
This enamored, mad mind of mine, ii drowns, head over heels in its contemplation, lost in a dreamy ethereal world.
Who is this?
Now I think, is it after all, my imagination, my desire, that has taken a solid shape.
And the next moment,, I realize , may be, is it just a mere mirage, a wispy shadow, unreal.
An apparition that has chosen to grace this alien abode, holding an ineffable affection towards a stranger.
Who is this?

Here is the charming Hindi original of the lyric, in Roman script.

Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare,
paayal kee jhanakaar liye (2)
Kaun aaya……….

Aankh na jaane, dil pehachaane
sooratiya kuchh aisi (2)
Yaad karoon to, yaad na aaye mooratiyaa ye kaisi.
Paagal manva, soch men dooba,
sapnon kaa sansaar liye
Kaun aaya…………

Ik pal sochoon, maeree aasha
roop badal kar aayee (2)
Dooje pal phir, dhyaan Ye Aaye
ho na kahin parchhaayee.
Jo paradesi ke ghar aayee
ek anokha pyaar liye
Kaun aaya……………
“Kaun aaya mere manke dware”
Movie :Dekh kabira roya.(1957)
Actor:Anoop Kumar, (brother of Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar)
Singer :Manna Dey.
Music : Madan Mohan

Do check out this video on YouTube:


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