Bowing Your Head, You Stand Before The Master. And Await The Sentence

He is a bullock-cart-man. Rustic. Simple. God-fearing. He knew only the dark from the fair. No shades of grey for him, for they confuse the dormant bats within his belfry. Without a care in the world he is singing a song loudly for himself, from his perch on his cart, goading his bullocks.
He believed that as long as he stuck to his duty it was enough, he was righteous. What others do was not his concern, though he felt sorry for them that go astray. His job is to convey goods. What the goods were, should it be his concern ? Goods were goods, aren’t they ? Can they be legal now and illegal some other time or at some other place ?
When he comes, to his discomfiture, to know that they could be so, he takes a vow to be a bit more righteous and truly truthful in accordance with his new, ante-upped understanding.
He doesn’t yet know that much more complex conundrums await him, forcing him to take more difficult and painful vows.

This simple song by Shailendra set to music as spartanly by Shanker-Jaikishen and rendered in a cute appealing manner by the great singer of Raj Kapoor hits, Mukesh, is from the 1960’s movie ‘ Teesri Kasam’, featuring Raj Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman in the lead roles. It used to be a favourite of a friend of mine in Bombay by name Swami Charan, who belongs to the Dayalbagh Radhasoami faith which I find, is a simple no-frills creed built around hard work, righteousness and humility as its pillars.

Here is my attempt at its translation into English.

‘Please dear friend, do not utter a lie.
For, you need to go and face your Master,
There is no elephant, nor a horse for that matter, to carry you there.
You ought to go there, can’t help it, by foot alone.

Leave your mansion high and mighty, all four tiers of it,,behind. You have to. No other go,
Why then, dear, this pride,this arrogance?
Bow your head, you need to.
So my friend, do not utter a lie.

Do good to others, good alone will come your way.
Do bad. And bad, sure will befall you.
No, your ledger is not written down somewhere else, far off.
You need to settle your account, here and now.
So my friend, do not utter a lie.

Lost your childhood in all play, no work, haven’t you ?
And slept your way through your youth.
Now you are old. What use looking back and lamenting ?
Ain’t it the same old story again, yet again?
So my friend, do not utter a lie.’
And this is the original lyric in the Roman Script.

Sajanre ! Jhoot mat boloa.
Khuda ke paas jaana hai .
Na haathi hai na ghoda hai,
wahaan paidal hee jaana hai
Sajanre ! Jhoot mat boloa.

Tumharae mahal chaubaare
yahee reh jaaayengae saare
Akad kis baat kee, pyaare ?
Yeh sar phir bhee jhukaanaa hai.
Sajanre jhoot mat boloa.

Bhalaa keejyae. Bhalaa hoga.
Buraa Keejyae. Buraa hogaa.
Wahee likh-likh ke kya hogaa ?
Yahee sab-kuch chukanaa hai.
Sajanre jhoot mat boloa.

Ladakpan khel mae khoya.
Jawaanee neend bhar soyaa.
Budhaapaa dekhkar royaa.
Wahee kissa puranaa hai.
Sajanre jhoot mat boloa

And here is an YouTube clip of the song.


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