The struggling young man, unaware of his legacy, sings gaily of his formidable Dil.

The happy-go-lucky-looking young man sporting the fez (roamy-topee) is an upcoming poet. He is, unknown to himself, heir to a large fortune, which slipped out of his hand when, in his childhood, he was switched away by a wily woman who substituted her own wayward son in his place.
Here, he is singing to himself and to the world at large cheerfully , masking his concerns for future with an attitude of gay abandon
The song. is from the 1960’s hit movie, ‘Dil Hi To Hai’. A run-of-the-mill Hindi movie, it was elevated to a hit by the star cast and some great lyrics by Saahir Ludhianvi and catchy music by Roshan rendered feistily by the likes of Mukesh, Manna Dey and Asha Bhonsle.
I remember to have seen this movie in the Nataraj theatre near the Patny’s, over fifty years ago, but this song, and the other great ones like , ‘Laaga chunri me daag ‘ still ring sonorously in my mind.
The phrase, ‘Dil Hi To Hai’, was borrowed from a memorable original Urdu lyric of Mirza Asadullah Ghalib, which bears the phrase as its refrain. Unlike the sprightly song from the movie under subject,, the original Ghalib lyric pours out his despondency and anguish at having been evicted from the middle of a thoroughfare where he sits in protest at the shabby treatment meted out to him by, I do not know by whom, his heartless sweet-heart or the alien rulers who ruled from an alien city, ( ‘jahaan-e-kharaab’, he calls it ) who were averse to restore a pension he enjoyed before the unfortunate change of regime. But that is digression.

Here is my attempt at its translation into English.

I’ll just heed to whatever it tells me. For, in this whole world,my heart alone is something which I can call my own .
If any one has stood by me steadfast, through thick and thin, it is my poor heart alone.
I have neither a friend nor a helping hand .I have neither a goal to aspire for nor a shore to wade forward to.
I stayed put wherever my heart has asked me to stop.
And embarked on whichever way my heart has pointed me towards.
For people like me, starved of affection ,the heart alone is the herald of the destination
It hasn’t conceded defeat at the hands of life Met everyone with a smile.
Why not lay down my life for the sake of this heart, The heart which bore distress as willingly as happiness.
Did not romp around with joy when the days were happy.
And never wavered, even when the straits were dire. Never conceded defeat, It held fast on to me.

I have plodded on each day of my life , with the help of this lively heart of mine.
Except for this, in this callous, cruel world, what after all is there that I can claim as mine own.?
This world belongs to just the moneyed ones, It is the heart and heart alone that comes to the rescue of a destitute.
I’ll just heed to whatever it tells me. For, in this whole world, my heart alone is something which I can call my own .
If any one has stood by me, steadfast through thick and thin, it is this poor heart alone.

Here is the original Hindi/Urdu lyric.

Dil joa bhi kahegaa manengae, duniya me hamaraa dil hi to hai .
Har haal me jisnae saath diyaa,woa aek bechaaraa dil hi to hai.
Dil joa bhi kahegaa manengae duniya me hamara dil hi to hai

Koyee sathi na koyee saharaa, koyee manzil na koyee kinaaraa
Chal diyae jis taraf dil pukaaraa, ruk gayae jahaa is dil ne roakaa.
Hum pyaar ke pyasaae logon kee.
Hum pyaar ke pyasae logon kee manzil ka ishaaraa dil hi to hai
Duniyaa me hamaaraa dil hi to hai .
Dil jo bhi kahega manaenge, duniya me hamara dil hi to hai.
Haar maane nahee zindagee sae, has ke miltae rahae har kisee sae.
Kyon na is dil pe kurbaan jaayae sah liyae jisne gham bhee khushee sae.

Sukh mae jo na khaelae hum hi to hai, sukh mae jo na khaele hum hi to hai
Dukh se jo na haaraa dil hi to hai.
Duniyaa me hamaaraa dil hi to hai .
Dil joa bhi kahaega manaengae
Duniyaa me hamaaraa dil hi to hai

Apni zindaa dilhee kae sahaarae humne din zindagee kae gujaarae.
Warna is bemuravvat jahaa mae aur kaboje me kya hai hamaarae
Her cheej hai doulat waalon kee, her cheej hai doulat waalon kee.
Muflish kaa sahaaraa dil hi to hai .

Duniya mae hamaaraa dil hi to hai
Dil joa bhi kahaegaa maanaenge
Duniyaa me hamaaraa dil hi to hai
Her haal me jisne saath diyaa, woh ek bechaaraa dil hi to hai

Here is an YouTube video of the song.


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