I lose all sobreity, when you come near me.

The young couple in the park are in love, head over heels. But still diffident to express their feelings towards one another.
There is yet another contender for the girl’s affections ( or more particularly for her father’s estate ). And he is currently a lot richer than the poor singer whom the girl adores.
He plays a ruse to depict the budding relationship of the couple in poor light before the girl’s father.. He bribes a paanwala to hustle the lovers into munching a paan each ( betel-leaf betel-nut, slaked-lime pack) laced with an intoxicant. The dope loosens the reserve of the shy couple and breaks the ice. They totter about in the park, giving vent to their affection for each other.

This nice song is from the 1963 movie, ‘Dil hi to hai’. The lyric is by Sahir Ludhianvi and the music by Roshan, the song used to be a favorite of the youngsters those days.It is rendered beautifully by Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur. The protagonists are Raj Kapoor and Nutan. It is still loved by one and all who like nice Bollywood songs.

Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.

“If only you, inebriated, had not glanced languorously around here, the ambience here, would not crumble like this, surcharged with intoxication to this extent,
If only you, inebriated, had not glanced…..
The only desire I hold dear in my heart, is to keep on looking at you, there is no sight more.exalted for me than your countenance.
If only you, inebriated, had not glanced…..
If I go ahead and seek shelter beneath your veil, please do not take it amiss,
My heart is not deceitful or sinful, no, not wilfully.
If only you, inebriated, had not glanced……..
It is only until you come near me, that I remain in my senses . After that, I lose all my sobriety.
If only you, inebriated, had not glanced.”

The original Hindi lyric in Roman script.

“Tumhaari mast nazar, gar idhar nahee hotee, nashe men choor fizaa is kadar nahee hotee.
Tumhaari mast nazar……

Tumheen ko dekhne kee, dil mae aarazoo-aen hain, Tumhaare aagehi aur oonchi nazar naheen hotee
Tumhaari mast nazar……

Khafaa na hona agar badh ke thaam loon daaman, Ye dil fareb khata jaan kar nahin hotee.
Tumhaari mast nazar……

Tumhaare aane talak ham ko hosh rahataa hai. Phir us kae baad hamaen kuchh khabar naheen hotee.
Tumhaari mast nazar……”

Here is an YouTube clip of the song :


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