The Mountain recites the scriptures.

In the third poem of Manu Charitramu, Peddana seeks the blessings of The third deity of the Divine Trinity, the Creator, Brahma towards his emperor, Krishna Deva Raya. The four ancient scriptures, Vedas, the repositories of all knowledge are believed to have originated from the lips of the four heads of Brahma.

Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.

He holds court ensconced on His lotus throne, along with His spouse, Saraswati, even as eminent sages worship Him, As Vedic chants issue forth from His four faces He looks awesome like the mighty Maeru mountain from the yawning caverns of which, storm winds blow out noisily. May the Creator, Brahma, looking thus, make emperor Krishna Raya, blaze forth resplendently.

Here is the Telugu original,

Naalugu moamulan nigama naadamul-uppatillam-brachanda vaa-
-toola-hatin janinchu roda toadi guhaavalin-oppu Maeruvun-
boali payoja peethi, muni mukhyulu-golvaga Vaani-goodi pae-
roalagam-unna Dhaata vibhavoajwalu-jaeyu-grishna raayanin.


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