The Muse of All Learning Strums on Her Veena

I had written earlier about the fourth verse of Manu Charitramu in one of my old posts, titled, ‘The inseparable Dad and Mom and their cute innocent child.’ In the fifth verse, Peddana, implores the Goddess of Knowledge and Learning , Saraswathi, to inspire himself.

Here is my attempt to translate it into English.

The tiny, cool moon that adorns the parting of Her hair , has made the red tilak dot on Her brow, moist . The bumblebee that settled into the blossom that She has stuck in Her hair is emitting sonorous notes. The bottle gourd of Her Veena trembles as it grazes her heavy bosom . The ivory frets of Her veena, dazzle with strange pink and red hues of dawn, just as Her tender fingers touch them. The Upanishads attentively serve Her as Her handmaidens. May this Graceful Lady who ecstatically strums on Her veena, sitting prettily on her lotus seat, this spouse of The Creator, reside securely in my soul.

Here is the Telugu original.
Chaerchukka gaan-idda chinni jabilli chae
Sindoora tilakammu chemmagilla-
n-avatamsa kusumambu-nand-unna Yeladaeti
ruti kinchidanchita srutulan-eena,
ghanamaina raa-raapu chanu doyi raayidi-
tumbee phalambu tunduduku-jenda-
Taruna-anguli-cchaaya dantapu sarakattu-
l-ingileekapu vintha rangul-eena-
n-upanishattulu boatulai yolagimpa-
bundareeka-asanamuna-goorchundi madiki-
n-inchu vaeduka veena vaayinchu cheluva
naluva raani mad-aatma-loa velayu-gaaka.


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