The effulgence of a kind mentor drives away the gloom of misconceptions of his disciples.

After seeking the blessings of his dear deities for his beloved king and then seeking inspiration from the Muse of Learning for himself, in the fifth verse of Manu Chritram, the author extolls his mentor., Sage Sathakopa.
Here is my attempt at translation of the verse into English

I worship my Guru, the sage Sathakopa, the abode of learning, who with his dense, pervasive and benevolent effulgence, shreds to pieces and drives away the deep arrays of gloom of sins and misconceptions that afflict those that seek his shelter.

Here is the Telugu original.

Kolutun madguru vidyaa
-nilayun-garunaa kataaksha nibida jyotsnaa
-chhala gaadha dhwaanta samiti Sathakopa yatin.

The quaint use of the word ‘dense’ (nibida ) for enlightenment and ‘deep’ (gaadha) for ignorance and the use of the word Light (jyothsna ) signifying Uniqueness and the word crowd (samithi) suggestive of the plural for sins and misconceptions, (durita chala) , I feel,makes this simple looking poem captivating.


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