The Emperor bids his poet-laureate to write an epic

The Stalwart Gets Supaari From The Supremo, To Do His Bidding.

Peddanna vividly describes the mighty emperor Krishna Deva Raya and his court on the day the emperor requested him to write an epic about the Birth of Swarochisha Manu, thus.

“The mighty mountain of the East was just a weeny hill over which he gambolled around in his childhood..Great and valiant kings bow to him and pay their tributes, as his vassals..Vast expanses of land in the South are just play grounds to him. For people in need, his arms are like the branches of the Kalpa tree in the Paradise which grants whatever boons one wishes for, while standing under its shade.He is extolled as, the Mighty King of Kings, Acutely Valourous One, Almighty of the Kings..
Beautiful damsels, looking fresh and fair as the autumn moon with eyes like dark water lilies, fan him with fans made of fine Chaamaree hairs,
Learned scholars lecture profoundly, reminiscent of Panini, Kanaada and Baadaraayana of yore,
On either side formidable bodyguards stand in attention just as their awesome bevy of arms, bows and arrows and other weapons, cast long shadows all around.
Cool light like that of a tepid sun spills forth from the sparkling jewels worn by his vassals in attendance,
The fluttering free ends of the finery that embraced him , wonderfully and divinely spew forth fascinating hues of yellow light with a pronounced ruddy tint.
While he held court, one day, seated thus on his mighty throne, within the impressive precincts of his court, well-known as The Bhuvana Vijayam, (The conquering of the universe )., his heart intently focussed on the lyrically excellent, discussions of eminent scholars, he kindly spake to me thus, –
‘ Peddana ! Revered Sir ! People say one can beget seven different kinds of offspring. Renowned of all of them and one that doesn’t wither away, is a literary work alone. Hence do kindly write, for my sake, an epic full of beautiful and nectarine words, velvety soft, like the Sireesha blossoms .
You are my well-wisher. You are a treasure-house of wise and smart sayings. You hold in your memory the essence of every epic, every myth, every fascinating story that one knows of.(every Aagama, every Puraanaa, every itihaasa). You are extolled as the Granddad of all Telugu poets, There is none that can excel you.
Oh sin-less one, when one considers the dynasty of the Manus, the story of the origin of Swaarochisha Manu, is delectable to hear, replete with juicy tales, and it can rid one of all sinful things that characterise this wretched Kali era. Above all it is a story that is ideally suited for your great and smart style of story-telling.
So, when he ordained me thus to tell the story as it occurs in the Markandeya Puranam, and gave me the Tamboolam, (Betel-leaf-betel-nut-pack flavoured with camphor, also called paan, now-a-days), to seal the deed,
I accepted it with alacrity, thanking him, ” It’s a great endowment, Sir.”.
And I straight away started to structure the epic, with great gusto.
I’ll now recount the genealogy of this magnificent emperor, whom I consider indeed as, the protagonist of this work of mine “


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