Old order changeth.

The dainty damsel is dancing in the court of the Lord of The Celestials, Indra,
She unknown to Indra, is in love,- with a mere mortal, She gives the man, a divine flute, by mere playing of which, he can summon her to him and she would obey, pronto,
And the young man doesn’t know or perhaps doesn’t care enough, that she is in the court of her ruler, who frowns on such unconventional liaisons, The young man feels that he ought to be more important to her than her own celestial boss.
This song is from the 1960’s hit folklore movie Suvarna Sundari, featuring Anjali and ANR in the lead roles.
Anjali left this world to join the celestials a few weeks ago.
ANR has followed suit today.
The fifties and the sixties were the golden age of Telugu movies, The performances of the first generation actors like them during those Black and White era, I feel, were more mature, sedate and grander than their performances in the garish, tinsel years that followed, except perhaps in a few movies like, Sitaramaiah Gari Manavaraalu.
Here is a video clip of the song ‘piluvakuraa’ from Suvarna Sundari. This of course is not representstive of their outstsding thespian performances in many movies.

I had seen ANR long decades ago, in person, when he was felicitated with Gajarohanam, (ascent of an Elephant) on the success of Suvarna Sundari.
i had also seen him at the inauguration of his Annapoorna Studios , by the Then President of India, Fakruddin Ali Ahmed. ANR was wearing makeup, a dark suit and thick-heeled shoes, for the first shot of the movie, ‘Secretary’. I still vividly remember NTR who graced the occasion , wearing a brown plaid jacket, looking tall and imposing, embracing ANR in a bear hug, offering his brother, (for that was how he addressed ANR)., his congratulations.

ANR was instrumental in the moving if the Telugu Film industry to Hyderabad, the state’s capital.

My brother, Bobby liked the restrained sort of acting of ANR particularly in movies like Deva Dasu, Donga Ramudu, Sansaaram, Todi Kodallu, Illarikam, Vipra Narayana and many other such movies,. The songs in them like, ‘Chiuraakulalo Chilakamma,’, ”Challani vennelalo chakksni kanne sameepamu-na, Kala idanee nijamidanee, Kudi-yedamaite porabatu laedoy’, were constantly on his lips constantly during those days.
Great people, great lives , a great era , receding relentlessly into history. But then old order has to change yielding place to new.


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