A grateful poet laments on the demise of a graceful emperor.

In a couple of poems sung by him as an eulogy on the demise of the emperor, Krishna Raya, Allasani Peddana rues that he lived still after the great king left.

Here is my attempt at translating the two great verses.

1. Whenever he chanced to find me on the road, he would stop his mighty elephant, extend his hand and help me climb up.
He readily granted me whichever colonies I desired for, in whatever regions I asked for, starting with the Koakata town,
When I rode in state, at the time of the dedication of my magnum opus Manu Chartram to him, he gracefully lifted my palanquin with his own hands.
‘You are a poet-par-excellence, none else is apt to wear this grand anklet. ‘ , he declared even as he himself adorned my ankle with it.
2.’Andra Kavitha Pithamaha ! Allasani Peddana’ ( The grand father of Telugu Poetry, Allasani Peddana! ), he would address me endearingly thus, such was Krishna Raya.
I live still, I stay behind, a corpse that walks, not accompanying him to heaven.’

Here are the Telugu verses in the Roman script.
1, Edur-ainacho tana mada kareendramu nilpi, kaelootha osagi ekkinchukoniye;
Koakata gramaad-yanaeka-agrahaarambul-adigina seemala yandun-icche ;
Manu Charitrama-andukonu vaela puram-aega pallaki tana kaela-batti ette;
Birud-aina kavi ganda penderamunak-eave tagunani taane paadamuna todige.

2.’Andhra Kavithaa Pitaamaha Allasaani
Peddana Kaveendra !’ ani nannu piluchun-atti
Krishna Raayala-tho divi-k-aega laeka
brathiki yunnaada jeevacchavambunaguchu.


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