The poet wards off an intrusive cur.

Money and possessions mattered little to the great poet now, life was empty, it held no charm for him after his emperor had left this earth just a while ago But one has to continue to live,as long as one is destined to go on breathing, even if such life meant a wretched, miserable existence. He sighs. He is worried too. The new ruler has yet find his feet. There are prowling adversaries all around the empire.
The servant enters his chambers. The poet looks up at the man, inquiringly. The man hesitates, and then blurts out the dire tidings. The late emperor’s adversary, Gajapathi, who lied low and submitted to Krishna Raya , while The emperor was alive, has laid siege on Anegondi, one of the possessions of the late emperor..
Peddana is livid with anger and revulsion. He grabs his ghantam, (sharp metallic pen) and scribbles a verse on a piece of palm leaf, gives it to the messenger and bids him to go immediately to the aggressor and hand him the palm leaf.
The messenger does so soon, and the rest is history. The aggressor reads the missive .He is ashamed. He returns to his kingdom.

Here is my attempt at translation of the Great Telugu verse into English.

On the day when the royal elephant of the great King of emperors, bull-dozed the fort of Koratla…,
Were you bereft of your senses ? Were you dead ? Were you away some where else?
You now dare to enter the bounds of Kannada land ? You King Gajapathee !
Like a cur tress passing into a house whose doors are wide open ?

Here is the original Telugu verse in Roman script.

‘Raaya Raahuta Ganda raaccha yenugu vacchi
Aaratla kota goraadu naadu,….
Vodalerungavo ,? Chacchito ? Oora laevo?…
Kanada Rajyambu jocchitae ? Gajapatheendra !
Terachn-ilu kukka socchina teragu gaanu ?


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