The port of destination waits forlorn for the vessel adrift.

Here is an interesting YouTube video clip which juxtaposes vivid, nice visuals on to a great song from the great movie, ‘Mutyala Muggu’

Here is my attempt at translation of a beautiful lyric penned by Gunturu Seshendra Sarma evidently in a fit of his despair, or to be more appropriate, his spouse and children’s despair, which Bapu creatively adopted to a poignant scene in the movie

“Into this garden that had lain dormant for long, a song had barged in.
It wiped its tears away and presented it with a delectable dream.
The sweet melody wove lovely patterns of curlicues and tender shoots all around and within the humble hut.
And turned itself into a lamp within the nest of the wretch. It stayed there brightening the hovel.
It filled the vacuous flute lying aside , with a sweet lingering note.
To the withered woods, It had accorded the gaiety of a spring.

But , these foot falls of hope at this threshold, festooned with my withered aspirations, alas have soon petered away.
Oh, you, my winged friends in the boughs, and the kind clouds in the heavens.
I beseech you. Kindly stop that ship, drifting yonder, offf with the current. Pray, tell it that its port of destination awaits here, forlorn. Pray inform the boat.”

Here is a link to the Telugu lyric.
There are a few mistakes in the lyric. The words ‘daya chesindi’ though appropriate, should read ‘kala chaesindi’. I would have preferred, ‘Kala vacchindi’,
The word, ‘dochuku’ should read, ‘tosuku’


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