A cherished friendship is indeed an incomparable wealth

The poor young man had been in love with his friend. They had known each other since childhood. The change in fortunes, for the better, of the father of the girl (through some dubious means people say) did not dent their fondness for each other. Though the father of the girl frowned on the continued friendship of the two, he seemed to relent given the ardent nature of the affection. In fact he readily agreed to their betrothal. But meanwhile the young man got arrested and convicted of a theft at the house of one of the friends of the girl’s father. And can you expect a doting father to give away his darling daughter to a felon. The girl gets married to an upcoming nice young businessman.
The young man is resentful at first but comes to terms with his ill luck and the treachery of the girl’s father. He finds his calling in caring for the children at an orphanage. But here again he is up against entrenched crooks munching away the provisions and money meant for the children.He is intent on fighting this evil. Slowly his finances too begin to improve .
Meanwhile the husband of his erstwhile sweetheart is in a tiff with crooked business men who resent his honest practices. When they plan to get rid of him through hired goons, the poor young man going that way saves him. A friendship develops between them, and the young businessman invites him to a party at his house.
When the poor man goes to the party he is dismayed to find the girl he once loved as the happy wife of his dear friend. He doesn’t show his surprise in his face. He wishes them well. As for him he has now got two good friends and a calling which was to his liking.
When his new friend unaware of the turmoil in his mind insists that he sing a song to the gathering, he reluctantly agrees. there has been no music, no melody in his dreary life, but then you need to present a cheerful countenance to an eager friend.
He begins to sing a song which was the last that he had heard a few long years ago, But as if to reassure the agitatrd lady, he gives it a new inflection to mark the altered relationship, he cherishes the relationship with his friend and his dear wife. He wishes them well.
This is a great song again from the film Desa Drohulu, sung by Ghantasala.

Here is my attempt to translate it into English,

The world has turned sweet today
To my heart’s content, dreams and aspirations are realized
The world has turned sweet today
My mind swirls like a peacock. The doves sing, young doves sing
The lovebird joins his mate, they make a lovely pair.
Friendship and affection have borne fruit
Life is brimming, it quivers quaintly.
The world has turned sweet today
Stanza 2
The heady scent of jasmines welcomes , it ardently calls out,
And the honeybee is fluttering above eagerly, floating in love, seeking the nectar .
A delectable thought spills out of my weary eyes as tears, for —
a cherished friendship , is indeed an incomparable wealth
The world has turned sweet today
To my heart’s content, dreams and aspirations are realized

Here is an youTube clip of the song. you will like.


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