The world has turned sweet. Why this rapture?

The 1960’s were a time of turmoil and anxiety to an young nation and its people particularly its youngsters. The country was faced with the debilitating effect of wars with its neighbours.
Here is a cheerful and beautiful hopeful song from those bygone young and anxiety-ridden years .
from the 1964 movie Desadrohulu (The traitors). Beautiful lyric by Aarudra were set to great notes by Saluri Rajeswara Rao, were rendered sweetly by Suseela and Ghantasala, and was pictured on NTR and Devika.
You can find the Telugu lyric at this URL

Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.

The world has turned sweet today
To my heart’s content, dreams and aspirations are realised
The world has turned sweet today
My mind swirls like a peacock. The doves sing, young doves sing
The lovebird joins his mate, they make a lovely pair.
Friendship and affection have borne fruit
Life is brimming, it quivers quaintly.
The world has turned sweet today
Stanza 2
The heady scent of jasmines welcomes , it ardently calls out,
And the honeybee flutters above readily, eagerly, floating in love, seeking the nectar .
My heart is so full of bliss, why? For whose sake? Why this rapture, this boundless rapture ?

Here is a YouTube:clip of the song

I had seen NTR and Devika, ( then a popular pair in a number of hit movies,) perform on the stage, some plays, a few years later, as part of the war effort . In one of the plays NTR played the role of a soldier and Devika that of an army nurse. NTR though tall and handsome was turning a bit roly poly and Devika too a bit buxom. When oddly they enacted amorous scenes on the public stage, people who, ( though used to such treats on the screen) were not prepared to view explicit love on stage, were shocked and,well, amused .There were cat calls and wolf whistles, which NTR acknowledged with a wink.


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