Fun and Frolic in A Divine Wedding

Here is a nice Telugu poem in which the renowned Vijayanagara Emperor, Krishna Deva Raya describes the ‘Talambralu’ ceremony in the course of the divine wedding of the gleamingly-dark -as-rain-clouds Sri Ranganadha and the Lady-who-offered-Him-garlands-worn-by-Her, Godaa Devi.
( Talambralu are grains of rice smeared with turmeric . Those who can afford may substitute the rice grains with pearls or other precious stones.As part of a Telugu wedding ceremonies the newly wed couple frolicsomely and competitively, shower each other with talambraalu, to the merriment of all those present at the wedding.)
Here s my attempt at translation of the poem into English.

When the Lady showered. the pearl-Talambraalu over the hair of the Lord-who-wore-a-garland, Her tender-leaf-like fingers touched Him and beads of sweat poured out of His shuddering body. As the pearls and the gleaming drops of sweat rained down pell mell all around Him, it looked as though hail-stones were raining from a dark cloud along with pouring rain .

Here is the Telugu original in the Roman script.

Mari Vanamaali choodamuna, maanini muttepubraalu voayuchoa,
merayu-dad-angulee-kisalam-aelana-jakri chemarcha raali main-
arimari gharmabinduvulun-am-manulun-mogilandunundi
daal-giri-gona jaaru dhaarala balen-vadagandla balen-ganungonan


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