Why are the days longer in summer?

The monsoon is playing truant yet, there were random showers, but the day temperatures are still stifling . The June solstice is around the corner.. The days are longer, more than 13 hours.

In the Hindu mythology, the days and nights, are believed to be caused by the perambulations of The Sun God (Surya ) on his chariot . The chariot is believed to be drawn by seven horses (seven days of the week). The reins are giant pythons and the chariot is driven by Aruna , the ruddish one (or Anoora, one born without legs.). The pythons are reputed to thrive on air.

In some of his memorable poems in his great epic , Amukta Malyada, the Vijayanagara emperor, Sri Krishna Deva Raya, vividly describes the summer season in the city of Mathura (Madurai).
The way he explains why the days were longer is particularly charming.

Here is my attempt at translation of the verse into English.

‘ It was as though the pythons had no taste for the scorching food ( hot air) that was being fed to. them by the West,
Starving and tired the reins were getting slack. Heeding his master-Sun’s orders , the legless charioteer was being forced, time and again, to park the chariot and tighten the reins. The progress was tardy.
It looked as though the days were getting longer for this reason.’

Here is the Telugu original authored by the great emperor.

” Padamara vettun-a-yyuduku praasanam-ollaka kooti paedalai
badalikan-oodun-a-cchiluva praggamulan Ravi-yaagna maatikin
mudiyida, bitchu-guntu rathamun-nilupan-payanambu saagamin
jadanu vahinchen-aaga divasambulu deerghamul-ayyen-attarin.”


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