Origin of the word ‘skyscraper’

The word skyscraper as applied to tall buildings appears in a Telugu epic ‘Amukta Maalyada’ , by the great Indian emperor of the sixteent century, Sri Krishna Deva Raya. In the opening poem describing the tsll buildings of the Villiputtur city, he uses the Telugu words, ‘ minnulatho raayu suvarna sowdhamula’ , meaning, ‘ sky-scraping golden mansions’

My Blog City by Vincent Loy

Everyone who is no stranger to me definitely knows that I’m quite a big fan of skyscraper, not mainly because it is tall, but its presence that dominates the surrounding built environment and symbolises a vision of reaching up to the sky. Recently, it seems that I had abandoned my habit of loving skyscrapers due to busy days with typical architecture of modern houses and public buildings of multi-purpose.

Hence, it’s time to get back a little bit to skyscraper on this blog once again. Skyscraper rules!

There is actually no clear or exact definition of ‘skyscraper’. Defining the word is quite subjective. Everyone will refer it to as structure that is tall (but how tall it should be to be classified as skyscraper???) Arguments and debates came here, which involved many parties and corporations like Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH – responsible mainly…

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