Wedding concluded, the groom takes the bride home. All is well.

Here is another poem about some more wedding rituals, described by Sri Krishna Deva Raya,
First the English translation.
‘The Lord got the ‘offering-of-the-puffed-rice-to-the-sacred-fire-ritual’ performed by the Lady with devotion,
and took Her around the sacred fire the stipulated seven times.
Then along with her, he reverently looked at the Arundhati star in the skies,
and accepted with humility, the gifts presented by the celestials led by Brahma and Siva, After seeing those satisfied guests exceedingly happy, off, He took His Lady to His place in style.’

Here is the Telugu verse,

”Lalana chae nishta toa laajalu vaelpinchi,
Saarngi mettinchenu saptapadulu,
Terava-goodi-yarundhatee darsanamu-jaese,
Brahma Rudraadi geervana koti-
yarpinchu nudugurul-anukampatoa-gaikoni.
yaniche prasaada bhaajanula-jaesi,
yaatma pattanamunak-ativa-dodkoni vija-
yambu saesenu mahaa-harsham-oppa.”


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