Emerald parrots twittering on terraces of skyscrapers

In the opening verse of the story of Vishnu Chitta, in his epic Aamukta Maalyada, Sri Krishna Raya describes the city of Sri-Vilibuttooru as follows.

First my attempt translation of the verse into English

“When the twittering of the parrots and cuckoos in the multitude of gardens, resounds from the decorated terraces of the sky-scraping gold-encrusted mansions all around in the city of Sri-Vilibuttooru it looks as though the sounds are instead being emitted by the figurines of the song birds made of blue and green emeralds, studded therein The charming city of the Paandya kingdom looks grand as a crest-jewel of the world.”

And the Telugu original follows below.

Laltaudyaana paramparaa pika suka-aalaapa pratidhwaanamul-
valabhee neela harin-manee pika suka swana bhraamb-oonpa mi-
nnula toa raayu suvarna sowdhamulan-endula-jooda-jennondi Sri
Vilibuttooru selanga-baandya nagar-orvee ratna seemanthamai.


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