An elegant city as described by an emperor.

Here is my attempt to translate yet another inimitable verse by Krishna Raya, describing the great city of Sri Villi Putturu.

There were elephants chiselled out of emeralds, which looked as though they formed part of the eight mythical divine elephants, ( that hold the earth secure on all its eight directions) which got coated with blue-green algae by constantly being showered with the spray from the oceans,
There were mythical lion-like beasts having trunks (yali), hewn out of rock, that looked as though ,they were lions each holding the trunk of an elephant and was devouring it,
There were ladders, resting slanted on walls painted in golden hue with figures of the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi flanked by a couple of elephants spewing water around, and with pictures of the Conch and Discus (of her spouse) on either side. and all this scene got reflected on platforms of precious stones, nearby.

Buntings of precious stones tied atop and across the doorways of the mansions, appeared as though they were instead glitzy sacred threads the lords of the mansions, each, had tied around his forehead while embarking on an expedition to a neighbouring city to get the maiden of a similar dwelling there in wedlock.And the long roadways in turn looked as though they were threads lacing up the city.


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