The process of innovation

Pay no heed to advice that, it can’t be done, no one else could do it, no one else did do it, are you greater than all those who failed to do it.
And if some others had done it earlier, still disregard for a while how they had done it, even if they are reputed to have done it well. Get out of that well.For there could be a better way to do it. Think afresh how you would do it, if you have to do it right from the scratch, from first principles.. You may find a better way, an optimal way of doing it. Then, having found your way of doing it, then, then only, go back to how others have done it. weigh it against your way, and decide the way , the process, an entirely new better one, your new way, your innovative way to do it.
Then do it well.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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