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Let Your Life Speak

Originally posted on Bccwf's Blog:
? In my column last month, Live YOUR Life, I encouraged readers to stop listening to the endless stream of career and life advice that seems to be emanating from all directions. I cautioned…

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Nostalgia deburrs you memories.

Gulzar has turned 78 a few days ago. The songs in Bandini (his debut movie as lyricist) used to be the favourites of my elder brother. I liked the sensitive movies Aandhi and Mausam directed by him. Gulzar and Jagjit … Continue reading

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The Talk-Shop at The Chieftain’s Porch

The topics veer around to the war in Europe or the feasibility of exploration of moon, Every body has a go at it. The Karanam garu is itching, with a sneer around his lips, to have his last word.And the … Continue reading

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The Cheiftain’s Court

The Front porch- contd….. I was telling you about the porches of the abodes of the village officers.. They used to be bustling with activity until the evening. Particularly the porch of the Karanam garu. Land revenue collections, confiscations of … Continue reading

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The Porch (contd..). The village chieftain, and the village officials

Continuing with my translation of the Telugu essay ‘Veedhi Arugu’ by Devulapalli. int English… Our village boasted of four illustrious porches. Firstly there was the one that belonged to Uncle Jagga Rsju, the village Karanam ( village officer). Another, that … Continue reading

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An elegy on the demise of the front porch.

Devulapalli Krishna Sastri was known for his tender poetry. He wrote prose too now and then . but not in any way prosaically. Here is a nice essay by him, entitled “Veefhi Arugu “. And here is my attempt at … Continue reading

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Sir Arthur Cotton

Here is a link to the story of a noble man who strived his best to relieve the suffering of the people over whom his own country ruled. He was regarded as a yogi and he was referred to … Continue reading

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