Nostalgia deburrs you memories.

Gulzar has turned 78 a few days ago. The songs in Bandini (his debut movie as lyricist) used to be the favourites of my elder brother. I liked the sensitive movies Aandhi and Mausam directed by him.
Gulzar and Jagjit Singh came together to bring out a cassette album ‘ Marasim ‘ (relationship).
They worked together in the Doordarshan serial ‘Mirza Ghalib’.
Here is my attempt at translation into English, of a nice lyric from the album.

“A season long gone has come back, dragging with it a balmy gust from the east, holding memories. It rarely happens so, that too with an accompanying sense of loneliness.
The sepia-tints envelope me. The infamies of the past are easy enough to bear, even as tears streak down my cheeks,
Images double themselves in this warped mirror, it is as though your knack in business keeps my company .
The silence that I have got, begets you a longer silence .
I got your message, and here is a piece of my mind.”

Here is the Urdu verse in original.

Ek puraanaa mausam lautaa, yaad bharee purvaayee bhi,
Aisa bhi kamhee hotaa hai, woh bhi ho tanhaayee bhi.
Yaadon kee bauchaaron se jab palke bheegne lagtee hai,
Kitnee saudhee lagtee hai tab maajee kee rusvaayee bhi.
Do do shakle dikhtee hai is bahkese aayinaeme
Mere saath chalaa aya hai , aapkaa ik saudaayee bhi
Khaamoshee ki hasil bhi ik lambeesee khaamoshee hai.
Unkee baat sunee bhi hamne, apnee baat sunaayee bhi.


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