Let Your Life Speak

What happens to us depends on how we deal with what happens to us

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In my column last month, Live YOUR Life, I encouraged readers to stop listening to the endless stream of career and life advice that seems to be emanating from all directions. I cautioned that too often we look to external parties to provide the keys to our own fulfillment and in doing so, we fail to hear the most important voice on our journey – our own.

If you accept the premise that the best answers most often lie within, the next logical questions are “How do I listen to myself?” “How do I recognize the callings life is sending to me?” “How can I know myself better?” It’s easy for me to advise others to understand their joy, live by their values, and know their strengths and weaknesses, but how do we move from these abstract pearls of wisdom to actually practicing this approach in shaping our lives?

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