Lata Mangeshkar sings a Telugu song

Here is a nice Telugu song from the 1955 Telugu movie Santhanam, The pathos-laden song was set to music by the great Music director Susarla Dakshina Murthy. His nephew was a schoolmate of mine and his cousin, of my elder brother. My elder sister had learnt a bit of classical music from his father.
This song was rendered by the illustrious Lata Mangeshkar .In the clip the sad-looking young girl, evidently an orphan in her own home, is consoling the child who had suffered a burn injury to his hand .
At the time the movie was running in the town, my young brother Siva was just a few months old . When my mom was away from the kitchen for a few moments on an errand leaving the coal stove (kumpati) there, emptied of the coals but still hot, unattended, Siva crawled to the stove and put his hand into it and his wrist got burnt a bit deeply.
I still remember, after my mom had applied a soothing balm on his wound, my elder brother sitting beside the intermittently crying child, and singing the Lata song, ‘ Nidura pora Tammudaa ‘

Here is a video clip of the song on YouTube:

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